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 Weekly Astrology   

August 1-7:You will feel torn between the familiar and comfortable versus the new and exciting. Your best bet is a combination of the two. Thinking for yourself is important. Be direct and forthright (but not too blunt). Your mind and tongue work swiftly.
August 8-15: Chores are the first order of business this week. Getting things done is important, and clears the decks for fun later. Excitement and stimulation cast an irresistible lure. You look for an adrenaline rush in your relationship; don't go too far!
August 16-23: You need to affect the big scene. Contribute to the world, share an ideal, further a cause, give to charity, or do something to make a difference. Someone near to you could benefit from a health check-up. Be practical and persuasive.
August 24-31: You provide inspiration and support to a friend in a time of need-- setting them on the right road. You find unexpected patience to deal with a lost soul. Your guidance proves valuable.

August 1-7: Try something different this week. Be open to ideas from others. You'll discover a new activity which brings you pleasure. Your mind is extra incisive now and your tongue may be as well. You cut to the very heart of any matter under discussion.
August 8-15: Family fun is appropriate! Go out to the movies, bowling, miniature golfing, play charades, Scrabble or do something you all enjoy for excitement and entertainment. You (or the kids) may be inclined to splurge on some kind of self-indulgence this week. A little spoiling is fine; just don't go overboard.
August 16-23: Intimacy needs are strong. A sexual connection may help bonding, or you might prefer other forms of sharing. You need depth. Sharing the material/sensual world with a partner is emphasized. Arguing about money or sex won't help. Find mutual satisfaction.
August 24-31: A friend requires more assistance and support. Don't let your "need to be needed" go overboard. Appropriate tools make playing more fun. Get the best mitt, golf club, pencil, racquet, goggles, etc. for maximum enjoyment.

August 1-7: Caring and being cared for are in focus. Take action on domestic matters, or devote energy to emotional commitments. Generosity brings satisfaction. Money is enjoyed with loved ones (children, lovers, etc.). Indulgence is the theme.
August 8-15: Your potential for charm and charisma is high. You may be very persuasive - or attract others who use their wiles on you. Have fun! Objectivity seems less important this week than emotional warmth. Feelings win over logic. You communicate with great intensity.
August 16-23: Ethical issues or moral principles arise at work this week. Just be sure the time is ripe if you choose to fight for fairness. You will need to discriminate between what is really necessary for you to do now and what can be done later or by someone else.
August 24-31: Communication, information exchange, social contacts or travel may increase. Don't do one task all week; you need variety. This week you can create something lasting. Make (or begin) sewing, knitting, models, woodworking, clay or other tangible projects.

August 1-7: Your beliefs about generosity may be tested this week, with an opportunity to balance giving to others with giving to yourself. Going shopping with a friend or neighbor provides conversation and entertainment. You laugh a lot.
August 8-15: Both working hard and shopping hard are emphasized. You have much enthusiasm and energy for money matters. How is your car running? A timely checkup may save money later. Transportation is a likely source of outgo now.
August 16-23: Someone from out of town makes contact--in person, by letter, e-mail, or phone. Enlarge your circle. Take advantage of an opportunity to gain more respect from colleagues. Be visible with your achievements.
August 24-31: An associate is acting out of character. Be sensitive and don't rock the boat. Circumstances will stabilize. You want a lot of fun this week. Take practical steps to ensure you get the best, but don't expect every second to be wonderful!
August 1-7: A change in recreation is highlighted--a brainstorm about a new activity or place to try. Be original and inventive! A courtship heats up. You may be a spectator or participant, but enjoy the show!
August 8-15: A shared interest or hobby helps you relate to an important client or business connection. Your natural stage presence, love of fun, and talent for amusing or entertaining others is in focus. Have a good time!
August 16-23: You and a household member feel torn between playing it safe and taking a chance. Create security amid some changes. Partnership is the ideal with family this week. Seek out activities you can do as a team. Shared goals bring closeness and mutual satisfaction.
August 24-31: Solitude refreshes you. Private sharing will be more rewarding than public interactions or loud entertainment. A little mystery adds to your appeal. A small change in your appearance or usual style can stimulate additional passion from a partner.

August 1-7: Expensive tastes are highlighted this week. If your bank account can take it, indulge yourself with an extra special present or fun activity. Your energy is higher than usual. Take time to dance, bowl, run, swim or engage in something active or exciting.
August 8-15: You're inclined to be too hard on yourself this week. Nobody's perfect. Give yourself a break. Too much focus on the past keeps you there. Learn from what has been, but plan for what lies ahead.
August 16-23: You are quieter than usual, less inclined to reveal your thoughts and feelings. Solitary thinking brings some insights. Time to bring precision and thoroughness into your thinking and communicating. Organize yourself. Be systematic.
August 24-31: You expect the best in your relationship. Don't focus on what's wrong; work toward your ideal (but recognize perfection is impossible). Either you or an associate might be too concerned with the bottom line, with getting and having things. Stay moderate and able to relax.
August 1-7: Justice, fair play and equality will be on the line this week. Be true to your basic beliefs without downgrading other people's values. Volunteer to run errands for work. Restlessness is very high. Take a business trip if you can. Don't to the same thing all week.
August 8-15: This is a time for planning for the future. Begin visualizing ways to expand your career options. Create more success for yourself. A chance to share some fun and frolic with friends. Get together to chat, laugh, enjoy life with one another.
August 16-23: Money is a topic of conversation or the mail brings financial news. Be open to ideas from other people. Being objective can improve your financial situation. Information from others could prove valuable. Use your logic.
August 24-31: Communication is vital this week at work. There may be extra correspondence, phone calls, or office chitchat. Humor will help. Pleasure comes through exercising your mind. Sharpen your wits; tell jokes; select a class, or just enjoy fun discussions with others.

August 1-7: Intense emotions are a theme for this week's leisure. Find activities that will give you the depths and the heights. Seek pursuits to thrill you. You are tempted to push too hard at a loved one. It's easier to change yourself than someone else!
August 8-15: Legal matters arise or you must deal with the political, economic, or judicial system. Be sensible. You'll be effective at what you do, but do NOT try for a nose to the grindstone week. Live a little! Humor is helpful on the job.
August 16-23: You could easily go to extremes this week over food, drink, sex or other physical pleasures. Strive for moderation. You are torn between getting a "new look" and keeping your current appearance. Make a series of small, gradual changes.
August 24-31: Appreciate your lover's appearance this week. S/he needs to hear that s/he is attractive. And take extra care to look good yourself. Talk things over with your beloved this week. Sharing what matters to each of you deepens the bond between you.
August 1-7: The intellect is more important than emotions in relationships this week. Talk things over, but don't expect a soulful declaration. Someone near and dear encourages your extravagance. Fun is fine, but don't get carried away!
August 8-15: Although your eagerness and enthusiasm are an asset this week, beware of slipping into rash or impulsive behavior. You find yourself much more upbeat, positive, and energized than usual. You are ready to enjoy life!
August 16-23: Working together on practical projects with a spouse or friend goes smoothly. Your powers of analysis, fact-finding, researching, probing and investigation are very strong. Dig for answers.
August 24-31: Issues of fairness arise with family. A desire for justice is accented. Practical problem solving brings you the best results. Your example and assumptions about partnership create constructive images for others. Early discussion can help clarify unrealistic ideas.

August 1-7: Power plays about leisure choices lurk. Channel any control needs into competitive activities rather than arguing about what to do. Others seem lacking in love or respect. Understand that you are needing more attention than usual. Practice self-appreciation!
August 8-15: You may think things over too long, trying to reach the absolute best decision. Logic won't solve everything. Be alert for an investment opportunity. Take advantage of a chance to increase your income.
August 16-23: A past friend has drifted away. You have little in common now; don't try to keep hanging on. Travel plans proceed smoothly. Share expenses with a friend and you'll both have a good time.
August 24-31: Literature or media may offer ideas or spark an interest. Be open to the new and different in discovering paths to pleasure. Harmony and ease are preferred. Don't go to the extreme of not thinking very hard. You can be diplomatic this week.

August 1-7: You and the kids (or your inner child) can do lots this week, so channel that energy and enthusiasm into constructive activities. Opportunities for intimate moments keep on getting interrupted. Put romance on hold and deal with life's other demands.
August 8-15: Incorporate a little fun into your chores this week. You need to socialize, to laugh and enjoy life. Relaxation, feeling "up" and enjoying other people are highlighted. You are sociable and fun-loving; let your sparkle out!
August 16-23: Despite an apparent obstacle, you can win through. Perseverance and patience will succeed! Be a good little worker bee this week. Nose to the grindstone pays off. Save play for another time.
August 24-31: This week you'll be both breaking and following the rules. (Know when to do which!) Make the most of traditions as well as progress. You and your beloved need to balance a lighthearted approach with a more intense commitment. Find a middle ground.

August 1-7: A cooperative spirit gets household chores done more easily and efficiently. Create a game-playing spirit and family members will enjoy pitching in. Your child (or your inner child) needs to visualize something and then create it. Assist artistic endeavors, or crafts, making models, carpentry, etc.
August 8-15: Time to complete that favor you promised a friend. You'll feel better when it's done. You're tempted to put off choices as you strive to get more information. Be willing to act even though you don't know it all.
August 16-23: Retirement issues are in focus. Double-check your social security records, pension plans, IRA, and appropriate financial matters. Closeness comes easily. Take advantage of opportunities to share. Build togetherness and commitment.
August 24-31: Your mind (and tongue) never stop this week, with an urge to think, communicate, teach, learn, question and explore almost anything. You are sensitive, empathic, and intuitive this week. You take things deeply to heart. Help others, but not to the point of self-sacrifice.

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